Body Pillows With Japanese Anime Printed For Sale

DAKIMAKURA is a cute long pillow with Japanese Animes printoed on.

How to order custom-made dakimakura Body Pillow.

What is Dakimakura?

A dakimakura (抱き枕) is a kind of large pillow from Japan. The name means "hugging pillow"; they are similar in shape to body pillows in the Western world.
Some Dakimakura are imprinted with a picture, often a young woman in the anime style. Sometimes anime or bisho-jo game magazines give dakimakura covers away as promotional materials. Some of these printed dakimakura can be considered love pillows.

- From Wikipedia -

Dakimakura is a hug pillow: over-sized pillows designed to be extremely huggable. These are security objects and usually never leave the grasp of sleeping Japanese children. So addictive is the comfort provided that many older men and women still use them. There has also been a boom among OTAKU buying slightly risque pillows. These body-size dakimakura are adorned with life-sized images of IDORU and sexy anime girls. They usually cost over $200, but they're probably still cheaper than a girlfriend. :)